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There are these types of relationships and which one suits you

types of relationships

Discover different types of relationships and find out which one might suit your lifestyle best: monogamy, polyamory, open relationship or friendship plus.

Love knows no boundaries and is very individual. Accordingly, there are different relationship models and types. But what are they and which model suits you? Let’s take a look at the different types of relationships and see which ones might best suit your lifestyle.

Monogamy: Traditional but still relevant

In monogamous relationships, one thing is particularly important,  fidelity . It is an exclusive form of relationship in which two people live together. Here they only have to do with each other emotionally and sexually and consider each other to be the most important person in their lives. Monogamy is certainly the best known and most practiced form of relationship, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.

Polyamory: love without limits

Polyamory   describes a form of love in which a person loves several partners and also maintains a physical love relationship with all of them In this relationship model, several people can live together or share their lives with one another. You are emotionally and sexually fixated on more than just one person. However, it is important here that everyone involved agrees and communicates openly in order to avoid misunderstandings and jealousy.

Open relationship: freedom in love

In an open relationship there are two people who are only emotionally committed to each other, but who are also allowed to have sex with others. Whether they pursue this in secret or speak openly about their adventures differs from couple to couple. Open relationships also require strong communication, trust, and clear rules to work and be fulfilling for everyone involved.

Friendship Plus: sex without obligations

This model also exists. Here two people have a sexual relationship with each other without being a committed couple. They may be close friends or just acquaintances who mutually decide to sleep together occasionally. It is important that both partners remain emotionally independent and do not jeopardize their friendship through possible jealousy or excessive commitments.

Five tips on how best to deal with red flags

Learn how to deal with red flags in your relationship: recognize them, listen to your intuition, communicate openly, set boundaries and gain distance.

Do you feel like something is wrong in your relationship? You may be dealing with so-called  red flags  – negative personality traits that can indicate a toxic relationship. But how do you best deal with these warning signs? Here are five steps you should definitely follow.

deal with red flagsRecognize the Red Flags as such

Your partner is overly jealous, only talks about themselves, restricts your actions or constantly puts you down. Do not put up with it. Acknowledge the red flags and realize that your partner is trying to manipulate you.

Listen to your intuition

Listen to yourself and your gut feeling. If you think the other person’s behavior won’t change, you should definitely take action. Your intuition is often a good guide in such situations.

Open communication

Talk to your partner openly about his or her wrongdoing. Explain to them how you feel and make it clear that you’re not going to put up with it. Communication is essential to eliminate misunderstandings or unfounded concerns.

Set boundaries

Under no circumstances should you ignore the red flags. Make it absolutely clear to your counterpart: If nothing changes, you will draw consequences. Don’t get overwhelmed, set boundaries.

Gain distance

If nothing changes even after a serious conversation, you should distance yourself from the situation. Especially if you are suffering from the situation and your self-esteem is falling, you

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