Intimate piercings are becoming increasingly popular

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Intimate piercings

Intimate piercings are becoming increasingly popular. Precisely for this reason, clarification before stinging is essential. Then nothing stands in the way of pleasure.

Even if the increasing  education  about genital piercings not only emphasizes the risks, but also the pleasure gained through this form of body decoration, many doubt that there are actually any sexual advantages to having the clitoral foreskin or labia piercing. If you still decide to get a piercing in an intimate place, then you should pay attention to the shape and location of the piercing.

Pleasure gain depends on piercing location

Some piercings are more for aesthetics , such as the “Christina”, in which the insertion of the labia is pierced through the pubic mound. The same applies to piercings of the labia. They also serve more aesthetic reasons and less the sexual aspects . When it comes to labia piercings, a distinction is made between the outer and inner labia.

But there are also genital piercings for women that provide direct stimulation, such as the vertical piercing of the clitoral foreskin. Here, however, information about the anatomical requirements is necessary, since all women are built differently. Not everyone is equally stimulated by an intimate piercing .

With a clitoral foreskin piercing, care must be taken to ensure that the fold of skin covering the  clitoris  is large enough to pierce the piercing. If the proportions are correct, part of the intimate jewelry lies between the foreskin and the clitoris itself – during sex the clitoris is stimulated directly by the piercing.

Only a few women have their clitoris pierced directly, as this form of piercing entails major health risks – thorough education is also required here before piercing. In addition, many women find the constant irritation of the clitoris caused by the piercing unpleasant and painful . However , those who have opted for clitoral piercing report intense sensations during  sex .

Intimate jewelry for men

There are genital piercings for more pleasure not only for women, men also have genital jewelry pierced. It also promises more fun in bed for women, such as the “frenulum” piercing, in which a ring is usually pulled through the foreskin frenulum on the penis . This not only heals quickly, but is also intended to sexually stimulate the partner. The same applies to the so-called “Prince Albert” piercing, which runs along the urethra and emerges from the underside of the foreskin frenulum. Men and women alike also get their money’s worth with this intimate jewellery .

Genital piercings: clarification remains necessary

No matter where you pierce, a genital piercing is an open wound in a poorly ventilated area. Accordingly, healing can be delayed and the risk of inflammation increases. Before you decide on intimate jewellery, you should inform yourself comprehensively about the dangers of this form of body jewellery. Of course, you should only have an intimate piercing done by a hygienically flawless piercer that you absolutely trust.

U-Spot: Hotter than the G-Spot?

Everyone has probably heard of the G-spot – but apparently there is another erogenous zone in the female genital area that is less well known: the U-spot.


A U point? G-Spot – sure, but the U-Spot is likely to be fairly new to most women and men. In fact, it is said to be just as erogenous a zone as the G-spot and to lead women to the climax of lust. It is said to give a warm, comforting feeling that runs through the whole body. Sounds good? We tell you how you can stimulate this erogenous zone.

U point: yes, where is it?

Strictly speaking, like the G-spot, the U-spot (from urethra = urethra) is not an exact point, but a zone. This very specific region of the body is equipped with a lot of nerve endings – and that is also the explanation why it is so nice for many women to be touched there. Because: Where there are many nerves in the body, the sensations are particularly intense. The site is found around the entrance to the urethra, i.e. between the clitoris and vagina .

Reaching the U-Spot and G-Spot: Instructions for Erotic Stimulation


You can stimulate the U-point yourself with gentle stroking and pressure movements during masturbation .  You can use a warming lubricating gel for this , as this makes touching more pleasant. Alternatively, you can also use a G-spot vibrator. For the ultimate climax, however, you should not limit yourself to the U-spot, but also stimulate your other erogenous zones, such as the Venus hill, the G-spot or the breasts. So you are guaranteed hot hours.

External stimulation:

If you don’t want to stimulate the U-spot on your own, your partner can massage it through gentle oral sex or with your fingers or the tip of your penis, possibly bringing you straight to the climax. How it works:

  • U-spot and G-spot stimulation with oral games: Your partner can also let off steam orally at the U-spot . This is where he might need some help first to reach the delicate tissue around your urethra. Give yourself and him time to discover the right spot. In addition to U-spot stimulation, he can then use his fingers to stimulate your G-spot. Your chances of orgasm will multiply.
  • Stimulating the U-spot with your fingers: Basically, he shouldn’t do anything different here than you do when masturbating. Here, too, make sure that he moistens his fingers with lubricating gel beforehand to prevent excessive and perhaps even unpleasant stimulation . Lean back and let yourself be pampered.
  • Stimulating the U-point with the penis: aroused or not, the penis can do wonders without penetrating you. Guide your partner’s penis to the desired U-spot location and let him caress said region with the soft tip of his penis. When things get down to business, he can then focus on your G-spot.

Advanced U-point stimulation: the urethral massage

If you want to go one step further, you can also try urethral stimulation because, like the U and G points, there is erogenous potential in the urethra itself. In this practice, the urethra is teased and stimulated by various objects, which is said to even lead to orgasm.

The vibrators specially developed for urethral stimulation (also called urethral stimulation) are particularly suitable for this . Urethral vibrators are gently inserted into the urethra and then turned on. The vibration stimulates the urethra and the surrounding tissue , which includes the U-spot, the G-spot and the inner clitoral areas. Advanced users even dare to introduce the penis into the female urethra in so-called urethral intercourse . For this, however, the urethra must first be stretched to achieve the appropriate diameter.

But beware! Beginners should definitely familiarize themselves with the sex technique beforehand in order to avoid painful injuries to the urinary outlet. Absolute taboo: Inserting pointed or sharp-edged objects or objects that are too large into the urethra. In addition, the erotic act should always be stopped if there is pain. Know and respect your limits!

Past the G-spot to the A-spot

The list of erogenous zones in women is long. In addition to the U point, there is another rather unknown region to explore with the A point. The pleasure point was discovered by the gynecologist Chua Chee Ann, after whom it is also named.

However, finding the point is a bit of a voyage of discovery. A good reference point is the G-spot, which in most women is about two to four centimeters deep on the upper vaginal wall between the cervix and pubic bone.

The A-spot is said to be between the G-spot and the cervix on the front wall of the vagina and, when properly stimulated, will lead to multiple orgasms . Sounds promising, doesn’t it? But watch out: Since the point is very low, caution is called for. In the worst case, the partner’s finger or penis touches the sensitive cervix. This can be painful and end the pleasure very quickly. So it is best to feel your way slowly from the G-point to the A-point after extensive foreplay.

CGA – Bringing women into ecstasy

Since the G-spot is considered a good guide for the A-spot anyway, it’s worth pampering the erogenous zone as well. The reason: The combination of the points CGA leads even more to ecstasy. That means stimulating the clitoris first, then the G-spot and finally the A-spot – this mixture could give you the orgasm of your life!

That’s what the editors say: In addition to the G-spot, the U-point and A-point are two other erogenous zones in the female genital area that can be discovered and stimulated. In both cases, the search could turn out to be complicated and cause many men to break out in a cold sweat. But the effort is worth it! And if you can’t find the stimulation points right away, don’t be discouraged: practice makes perfect – and in this case, practicing is fun too.

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